• Yes you need some milk Jamal!

    Were talking to our two faced fat head butthole bastard Jamal and GEOTUS can get his nosy busybody out of our business unless he wants to sign a contract agreeing that he is a servant of Jamal’s father and the fat slamming alliance that is forming. You all need milk mwhahaha!

  • You need some milk!

    Let's do this. I have an army of fat spammer and we agreed to form an alliance with Jamal's father. We first want to say that Jamal's mommy is locked up in a closet and pay us $1, 000, 000 in cash or gems or else we will take this girl and drop her in the middle of the ocean miles away from shore and then it'll be up to the coast guards to save her.

  • Um, Okay then

    What is this poll even about? I mean, A good joke and all, But I am ultra-serious today. Why does DDO or its members need milk? I honestly thought this was a better website in 2019, Which is saying a LOT since all DDO had debates over was a bunch of things about atheism vs Christianity

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