A NASCAR race is scheduled in New Hampshire. Will race car driving gain popularity?

  • Yes, it is fun.

    With NASCAR race scheduled in New Hampshire, race car driving is bound to gain popularity among speed lovers. It will attract so many sports fans and will also act as a family treat. Organizers of the race should ensure safety precautions are in place to avoid spectetors accidents as witnessed in other places.

  • Yes, New Hampshire is the home of race car driving.

    Of course race car driving will gain popularity. New Hampshire is the birthplace of many great things, including the Mount Washington Auto Road. This auto road is said to be the oldest in America. New Hampshire has been hosting notable races since 1904. This rich history, and current popularity of Nascar, will cause a surge in race car driving popularity.

  • No, it will not.

    There may be a few more fans gained by scheduling a race in a location where there are not many fans, but overall, the population that is going to be interested in NASCAR racing is already interested. If a local racing league was being started or a boxcar race was being held that could make a differnce.

  • NASCAR remains a niche interest

    NASCAR is only popular in specific parts of the country, namely the South and rural areas in that region. Moving a race to New Hampshire will not change this fact: people in New Hampshire are unfamiliar with the sport and therefore are unlikely to become attracted to the NASCAR phenomenon.

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