A new article looks at Trump ties to Cuba during embargo. Is he more untrustworthy than Clinton?

  • Yes, because he is a businessman

    Yes, Trump is hated by many people because of his wealth and I think that no one actually mentions Hilary's property and her wealth. She is not poor herself, right? But somehow Trump is being looked at with some condescending because he is avoiding his obligation to pay tax for his income.

  • Trump is not an honest businessman.

    I'm sure if reporters look closely, they'll find more and more evidence of Trump's shady business deals. I'm not surprised that a person who favors Russia would have ties to Cuba during the embargo. I think the American people need to be very concerned about Trump's business deals because they show how he operates and what he thinks of the laws.

  • Trump cannot be trusted

    He has given plenty of people plenty of reasons not to trust him. I don't know what happened to him during this election but he can most certainly not be trusted. Both candidates lie but Trump's lies are bigger. - - - - - - - - - - -

  • Trump may be more untrustworthy than Clinton

    Yes, it looks like Trump may be more untrustworthy than Clinton. Neither candidate seems very trustworthy. Trump may be better at hiding his misdeeds, though. As more and more stories come out about his past, we may find that he is much more untrustworthy. By election, we may find neither is electable.

  • Extremely untrustworthy? Absolutely.

    Less trustworthy than Hillary Clinton? No.

    Hillary is the least genuine person I've ever seen, which is saying something, especially as far as politicians go. She's changed her stance on nearly every major political issue (gay marriage, gun control, immigration, abortion, health care, the Iraq war, TPP, NAFTA, etc.), often doing a complete 180. She's also a pathological liar, lying about her past political stances, Benghazi, her deleted emails, a 12 year old rape victim, landing under sniper fire in Bosnia, her daughter jogging around the twin towers on 9/11, and even her own namesake. And then there are plenty of other scandals to choose from, like silencing rape allegations against her husband and embezzling money from a charity.

  • No, Trump is not more untrustworthy than Clinton.

    I may be very naive but I do not feel like Donald Trump is more untrustworthy than Hillary Clinton nor do I believe that Hillary Clinton is untrustworthy. I understand that both candidates must undergo intense scrutiny due to the importance of their possibility of becoming our nation's president but I feel both are trustworthy.

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