A new Bloomberg poll shows Trump has crossed a crucial threshold to lead Clinton. Will the presidential election be close?

  • Yes, the election will be close.

    The presidential election will be close. Donald Trump is showing himself to be very competitive against Hillary Clinton. In recent weeks, several polls show Trump either closing the gap or leading Clinton in some. Therefore, this election will go down as one of the closest political contest in U.S. history.

  • Yes, election will be close

    I think that proponents of either side in the upcoming election would be forced to agree that, regardless of who eventually wins the public vote, the result is very likely to be close this time around. I believe that the polarising effect of both main candidates will ensure a close result.

  • Yes, the election will be close because of the current election topics.

    Clinton may have more political experience, however her performance during that experience is still questioned by many, particularly with relation to Benghazi. Trump does have an advantage in that he has had relatively ambiguous political leanings, and by comparison, has a better professional track record relating to his business, and his stance on national security is more clear.

  • Polls are misleading

    The current polls, which show Trump tied or in the lead, are misleading. This comes just days after other polls showing Hillary Clinton with a several point advantage, and there was no news to account for the movement. In this case, the polls are not providing accurate information, perhaps because Trump is so polarizing.

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