A new paper conducted by the Geological Survey of Canada found more than 90 percent of large earthquakes in western Canada were triggered by fracking operations. Do you think fracking should be permitted?

A new paper conducted by the Geological Survey of Canada found more than 90 percent of large earthquakes in western Canada were triggered by fracking operations. Do you think fracking should be permitted?
  • No big deal.

    According to the site, there is a connection between fracking and earthquakes but what it does not say is how minor these quakes are. According to another site,, the vast majority of the quakes have been minor ones (3 - 3.9 mag.) or less. Clearly these weak ones have little to no effect but reap great rewards.
    If anything, fracking may help prevent stronger and more damaging quakes. You see, they may trigger small quakes that help relieve stress points. If the small quakes didn't happen, the stress could build up and when a quake does happen, it would be much worse.

  • OP -- Have you read any articles on this that contain actual facts and quotes?

    First, the Geological Survey of Canada, only supplied 1 of the 13 authors of this paper - this is hardly grounds for saying they conducted it as opposed to participated in. Secondly, could you state the actions performed and resulting data sets backing and affirming this 90% assertion being made? No, there is none, because this paper was created using "statistical analyses". Analysis sf what you ask? Well, a few unproven and baseless theories the group of 13 college employees agreed on, opinions, personal feelings, etc. Actually, the only facts used were the locations of fracking facilities and basic earthquake data. Here are a few facts, straight from the authors, about this paper: The only seismic data considered was that from directly on the properties which fracking takes place. If an event was recorded in the region, no investigation was done into the other parts of the region. They speak on no uncertain terms about how bad fracking is and how they have proven that fracking is causing all of these large earthquakes. Later in the paper, they quickly state that of the 12,289 frack wells looked at, only 39 (0.3%) were in locations who experienced seismic activity a minimum of one time since 1985 which may have warranted public notification although almost no person would feel it. They state they have no proof that any seismic event is caused by or even remotely connected to fracking; continuing on to state that they have no knowledge of the geological makeup below fracking wells including the plate tectonics and possible fault lines which very well could be the source of the seismic activity. And what runs up and down the West Coast of North America? The Pacific and North American plate boundary...You know that big ol' crack in the ground San Andreas Fault line? Yeah, that's evidence of said boundary. Funny thing is, U.S. geologists recently found the fault runs much further south that previously known...And it can't be seen. Oh, and the Pacific Plate is currently forced deep underneath the NA Plate, trying to pull apart, and as the pressure has been growing over the past 20 years or so, we have experienced periodic releases...Or earthquakes in places we normally would not. This should be a good start for you to research on yourself moving forward if you wish.

  • I say its worth it.

    In order for society to progress, some really nasty stuff needs to happen. Fracking may hurt some, but it saves more lives than it ends. Logic over morality. Think Marx. This truly drives innovation by letting others do what they need to do efficiently. If you dont like it, boycott it, but PLEASE DONT RUIN IT FOR EVERYONE ELSE!

  • Tolerate it pansies

    All yall canadians up there dont live in murica so you dont know what a real hurricane feels like. Fracking is one of the sole things you canadians are good at. Keep it up my northern oily seal clubbing kemosabes. America america america land of the free land of my country

  • Fracking is not the problem

    I watched a clip from 60 minutes all about earthquakes caused from the oil industry in Oklahoma. The main problem is the waste water biproduct that gets disposed of deep in the ground. All of this water has built up and has caused a lot more earthquakes in areas that normally don't have very many earthquakes. Other than that, I'm kind of on the fence with this. We need to find another power source so we don't need to have these issues.

  • The earthquakes are really minor.

    Fracking provides a very large amount of clean energy, and the earthquakes caused by it are very minor. Please look here: . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

  • Definitely Not ever!

    Fracking is dirty. From the very beginning of clearing a site for drilling, through extraction, transport and delivery of finished products, fracking poses significant risks to our air and water and to human health. People who live and work near fracking sites are at greater risk for respiratory and neurological diseases.

    Oil and gas industry spokespeople routinely maintain that the risks of fracking can be minimized by best practices and appropriate state regulation. Not only is this false – fracking is harmful even when drillers follow all the rules – but drillers also regularly violate essential environmental and public health protections, undermining their own claims. A look at recent data from Pennsylvania, where key industry players pledged to clean up their acts, illustrates the frequency with which companies still break the rules.

  • It will boost our economy and make us rich.

    Fracking is not proven to damage the mantle, and it could easily make this country an uncontested super power. By fracking we will all become richer and as animals of the world, it is in our nature to alter the world around us for our needs. To say that it is unnatural is false, we make our own habitat just as beavers cut down trees or just as bees ruin a field with holes.

  • Killing the host

    Like all parasites, humans will one day kill the earth.

    In addition to this frankly brilliant metaphor, I'd like to encourage a quick reminiscence to annual Channel 4 pub-style quiz, Big fat quiz of the year.
    Jimmy Carr, like the earth, is a twat and we all know it. Yet he is an integral part of the brilliance that is the kringle-quiz (Human life), we can't get rid of him untill we find a new charismatic (Life-sustaining) quiz-master (Planet).

  • Not enough objective research.

    You see, the studies that are demonstrated oftentimes are conflicting. There have been studies that show fracking causes earthquakes, and there have been studies that show fracking does not. If you were told that there was a drug that would make you skinny, however, it would possibly cause tumors, would you really do it?

  • Poking a hornets nest

    Without understanding the full impact on the earth's crust and mantle, it is pure insanity to turn a blind eye and hope we don't create any super quakes or volcanoes. The quakes might be relatively small now, but they are occurring in areas with no history of quakes by the thousand.Letting oil companies have free reign to mess with the water table is a recipe for disaster.

  • Short term solution to a long term problem

    Fracking does not take countries away from fossil fuel burning and thus the emission of more CO2 into the atmosphere. It will still contribute to global warming. The main driving forces behind fracking are always political and usually are a result of reducing the dependency on foreign imports of oil and gas. Plus factor in all the ground water contamination and the health impacts, and it's clear it should not be allowed.

  • There is nothing redeeming about fracking

    It pollutes our water, it (like all fossil fuel extraction) helps contribute to global warming and air pollution, and now it turns out it causes earthquakes. Fracking should be banned. We don't need fracking. We need clean energy. Solar panels on every home and more wind farms. And more funding for fusion research.

  • No. Disrupting the Earth's foundational layers could lead to serious consequences for our planet.

    Just like anything else in life, the Earth needs a solid foundation. Over time, practices like fracking are bound to disrupt this. Altering the foundation of our planet is dangerous as the displaced earth and rock cannot be replaced. Much more caution should be exercised in these practices to avoid serious consequences in our planet's future.

  • No, fracking has significant environmental impacts that are not yet fully understood.

    No, fracking has not been studied enough to successfully determine its long-term impact on the environment. There have been many documented cases of fracking causing geological disruption and groundwater contamination, however, and these short-term results point toward significant environmental damage from extensive use of this technique. Furthermore, fracking is a short-term, nearsighted solution that risks the environment while doing nothing reduce dependence on fossil fuels.

  • Fracking endangers the planet by creating earthquakes.

    If scientific studies are showing that fracking is creating man-made earthquakes, then the process of fracking should be banned or at least heavily regulated to minimize the impact of potential earthquakes. Most of the country's infrastructure is not designed to withstand large earthquakes. Even the earthquake that hit Virginia several years back caused the Washington monument to close for a while.

  • No, it seems too risky.

    Fracking seems too risky at this point to continue. This one study is very alarming, but it is just one study. At the very least, countries should do extensive research into the subject before allowing fracking. If there are other studies with similar results to this, it seems very reckless to continue doing it.

  • Stealing from what is underneath you!

    If you get the land, you have rights to what is under you if you dig. So if Oil Companies wants what under my land, and used fracking to obtain it. They just stole it! So I could find where they frack at on my land. Dig there and destroy their frack. I could not be charged for doing so because they illegally stole from what is under me.

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zookdook1 says2016-03-31T11:05:58.920
The article you linked seems extremely biased. Can you provide another source which is preferably less biased?
neutrino6626 says2016-04-30T21:50:50.013
This article is not really good and really swings OP's question. First off there isn't even a link to the "report." I mean anyone can BS some "report" on the internet, and I refuse to take a stance before a better source can be found, thanks!

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