• Clinton will win the presidential election against Donald Trump

    Current polls indicate that the two front runners in the 2016 presidential election are tied. However, Hillary Clinton will still likely win the presidential election. Donald Trump's supporters often praise him for because he is not a career politician, he has strict views on immigration, and they believe that his experience in business will aid the economy. However, Hillary Clinton has some advantages. First, she has experience running campaigns and has held public office before. Despite the scandals surrounding her name, she still has a large body of support. Secondly, she was recently endorsed by Bernie Sanders. It is likely that many who were going to vote for Mr. Sanders will support the democratic nominee. Finally, she will likely have the support of many minority groups that Donald Trump has managed to alienate, including the Hispanic and Muslim population. While Hillary Clinton does have some scandals behind her name, she has managed to alienate less of the country than Donald Trump.

  • Yes, Clinton will win.

    Trump has proven to be an empty windbag, and once the e-mail scandal dies down and faith in Clinton is restored, people will be more willing to vote for her again. It is unlikely that Trump will win the election in November. If he continues to run his campaign the way he has been he will run it into the ground.

  • Clinton will pull ahead as election draws closer

    Even though the newest polls have showed Trump and Clinton tied, Clinton will eventually pull ahead and win the election. At the moment, the email scandal that Clinton was embroiled in is fresh in the public's mind weakening her numbers. However, as time goes on and the election heats up the public will soon have other issues to consider and the email scandal will fade into obscurity. Donald Trump is also hurt by his incredibly polarizing campaign. While Clinton has the potential to recruit voters who may be on the fence, Trump is seen as more of an extremist and thus would find it harder to sway voters away from other candidates.

  • Trump's star is declining

    Though Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are tied in the polls, I think that Clinton will clinch the Presidency. Other polls indicate that those in favor of Trump are in the minority and that his approval ratings are taking an incredible dive. This leads me to believe that Clinton's support is increasing - the first step in Clinton getting enough votes to win.

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