A new Scottish independence bill was published. Will this hurt Scotland's economy?

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  • No, I dont think so.

    Yes, Scotland could certainly survive economically. It would have to either raise taxes or cut public services quite significantly. When the oil market is doing well, Scotland actually has a smaller deficit than the UK as a whole, so the Scottish National Party has claimed they could increase spending if the rest of the UK stopped taking Scotland's oil revenues.

  • No, I don't think it'll hurt the economy.

    No, I do not think that a new Scottish independence bill will hurt Scotland's economy. The fact is that Scotland has wanted independence for decades. This is nothing new. This is something the Scottish people have been preparing for and desiring for a long, long time. Given that, I don't think their economy will be affected.

  • No, this will not hurt Scotland's economy.

    No, this will not hurt Scotland's economy because they need to declare some kind of innocence sooner rather than later. They deserve to be an independent nation and should not be subjected to the rule of England anymore. The true effect it will have on the economy has yet to be seen.

  • With the United Kingdom about to leave the European Union, independence may be good for Scotland's economy.

    Scotland's economy may improve with independence from the United Kingdom. The reason is that when the United Kingdom leaves the European Union, an independent Scotland should be able to negotiate its own separate membership of the European Union on terms that will be more beneficial for Scotland's economy than anything an isolated Britain can offer them.

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