A new Virginia law bans smoking in cars with children under 8. Will this law help improve children's health?

  • Yes, this law will help improve the health of children.

    The new Virginal law that bans smoking in chars with children under 8 will help improve the health of young children. Second hand smoke is dangerous to everyone, and young children do not need to be subjected to cigarette smoke. Therefore, if this law can be enforced, it should improve the health of children.

  • It should be 18

    The non-smokers among us know just how awful it is to enter a car, building, or any enclosed space where someone is either smoking or has smoked. Imagine tiny lungs trying to grow and having that noxious cloud hanging about. Parents - come on. Aren't you folks responsible for giving your child every opportunity to succeed in life? An unhealthy environment, infused with cigarette smoke, is not going to do it.

  • Yes, law will protect children

    It is inarguable that smoking within a confined area like a car would be harmful to a young passenger. Enforcement of this can only serve to further protect children and therefore I do not see how anyone could oppose this. This is ideally something that would not be legally neccessary but nevertheless this is a good step.

  • No, this new law will not improve children's health.

    Second hand smoke is only the tiniest tip of the iceberg when it comes to the health of our children. Second hand smoke is fairly insignificant when taken in view of other practices that there are no laws against. Things such as toxins in our food and environment, emotional trauma, and vaccines harm a much greater percentage of children.

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