A petition to ban Jamal and his imaginary friends

  • I’m Jackie and I’m signing

    I wanted to come here to ask questions and post debate topics for my college debates but jamal was hogging up all the space and I couldn’t so thanks to him I had to go to debate island which is a much harder website to use so yeah, Thanks a lot Jamal!

  • Hi I’m Rebecca

    I’m signing this petition because I too am tired of the spam on this website and I too want the website to go back to normal and Jamal is just an annoying little fat boy who has too much power on this dead website, We need to kick him off so I’m signing

  • I’m Natalie and I’m signing too!

    I was hired to kick jamal in the nuts but he got scared and ran away from me so I could never do it but if he gets banned off this website forever then fine by me I want the website to go back to normal and that’s why I’m signing this petition

  • I’m Jamal’s mom and I’m signing

    Maybe if my son gets banned off this dumb website he will return home to where he belongs and give me an apology and finally go back to school, Do his homework, Get a job and do his chores. I’m making changes around the house for when he returns, I also won’t let him off the hook easily for how he impersonated me to make me look like a homophobe, And a bisexual person who’s into incest. Things will not be easy for him to get off the hook

  • I’m Jamal’s sister and I’m signing

    I thought jamal was a loser and he’s spending way too much time on this website and as a sister I’m so sad to see my own brother spending his life spamming a dead website so I really would like him banned just for his own good. Sorry big brother :/

  • I will sign first

    Me making my own petition I will sign the petition first to ban jamal and all of his imaginary friends on this website from spamming and making his stupid posts, Maybe he can go back to his mommy and his mommy can force him to work at McDonald’s and force him to do chores and whatnot. And maybe he can get a father figure in his life

  • I’m the joker

    I’m signing this petition because even though I loved fighting Jamal, I was disappointed when Batman refused to fight me and my phone was in the repair shop but now I’m back. Make you a deal, Will you please let me spam as long as it is funny and tell me your definitions of funny so I know what type of humor to use

    Hey Jackie, I listened to your speeches and BLM is right. You know, Calling Harvey dent the white knight is just plain racist, Am I not right?

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