A pilot was killed after a U.S. Navy Blue Angels jet crashes in Smyrna. Should the airshows stop due to safety concerns?

  • No, they should not.

    No, the pilots know what they are getting into when they sign up to do the shows. That is like asking if they should stop making movies because stuntmen get killed. There is a risk vs benefit ratio and they feel the risk outweighs the danger. Let them be and let them perform.

  • Yes, airshows should stop following the Blue Angels jet crash

    I believe that airshows are too dangerous to sustain. This was evidenced recently when a U.S. Navy Blue Angels jet crashed at the Smyrna Airport in Tennessee. Though many people enjoy these fabulous airshows, the risk of injury or even death that these feats of flight pose to both pilots and spectators is much too great, and therefore airshows should be discontinued.

  • No, the air show should not stop because a ilot was killed

    No, the airshow should not stop due to the fact that a U.S. Navy Blue Angels jet crashed in Smyrna killing one pilot. Although the crash raises the issue of whether additional safety measures need to be taken, one can assume that the proper safety measures are currently being taken and the crash was the result of an error not a lapse in safety.

  • No they should not stop flying.

    No, I do not think the airshows should stop because f an isolated incident. The US Navy Blue Angels are a tradition going back over 40 years and just because one crashes, does not mean they should be forced to stop flying. We do not stop flying commercial flights every time there is an accident.

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