• Planned economy is better i guess

    Murray rothbard, A communist economist who follwed karl marx said that people need to told what to do so it should be planned i guess. Milton friedman, Another socialist economist said that planned economy good and hes smart so he must be right. It feels great thinking for my self

  • Fostering Freedom of Progress: The Free Market

    But do people necessarily need to be told what to do? We've seen throughout history that human initiative will always fill a need for commodity, Whether that be stimulating the economy, Establishing government and infrastructure, Providing charity, Etc. Humans do not require an absolute ruler to guide and instruct them to support and better themselves. It is our natural inclination to progress.
    Besides, As all humans are equal and share a common nature, Who should we nominate to govern our right to choose for ourselves? What qualifications can one man meet when the general population cannot meet them? As we are all reflections of one another, Claiming that a man or group of men is greater than the general population from which they came is contradictory, And the system's main argument falls apart. We are either all inadequate besides a select few, Which is a viper's nest for tyranny and up to broad interpretation, Or we share a common nature that can lead to our mutual benefit without the need for absolute government control.
    To place control solely in the hands of a few spurns the intellectual and innovative capabilities of the people, Who have proven themselves over and over throughout history. The common man, As uneducated as he may seem, Has an exceptional chance of making phenomenal decisions without the influence of an all-powerful force pulling the strings. An impersonal government system, Isolated politically, Culturally, And socially from the people it governs cannot be expected to make beneficial decisions for the majority, Often becoming indifferent and oppressive to the people it pledged to serve. Men may lead, But they do so with blinders to the suffering they cause, With self-indulgence and personal empowerment the only objects within their sights. The moment we make the monumental mistake of losing faith in the power of humanity, Of ourselves, We give into a cold-hearted or incompetent minority who can easily take more than our economical rights away.
    As I have stated multiple times throughout this piece, I firmly believe in the potential for people to bring good and order, Just as they are capable to destroy and generate chaos. Since before recorded history, Humans have organized themselves efficiently socially, Politically, And economically, And continued to do so for thousands of years. We cannot live without a system, As we cannot be stable without one (human nature, Am I right? ), And no system can last forever. But, Usually, The societies that encouraged freedom and included the people in major decisions had a greater quality of life than those subjugated under authoritarian governments. These societies were far from perfect and had their fair share of issues, Such as class contentions and worldview clashes, But at least the people could provide their opinion or, As needed, Revolt against their legislators if they dissatisfied them.

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