• A play centre for kids with adults room

    I thought of something to open a business and that is to have a kids play centre with an extra room or part for adults. It will be used for porn purposes and sex for parents to come in and do what they like while the kids play games.
    If the kids also like to, they can join in and be in the same room with the parents. I'm sure lots of people get horny and want to express the sexual tension so why not have it all in one place. Kids will learn lots aswel but it'll be ages from 6-11 years old

  • No, No, No!

    Children are NOT mature enough to be in the same place as those activities. If someone wants to set up a club for adults to meet and have sex with each other I'm OK with that, BUT NO you should NOT be allowed to bring your kids there, even in another room. Leave them at home and hire a babysitter to watch them while you're away doing your adult stuff.

  • No just no

    This idea is just...Just...ITS JUST IMMORAL. Parents are supposed to keep whatever devious sex acts they might find pleasurable in the bedroom not at a place where there are growing innocents. Also this condones pedophilia this is not good for children what so ever and if you want kids to learn about sex play an after school special of sorts or talk to them and not just have sex around them

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