A police vehicle rams protesters at an anti-U.S. rally in the Philippines. Is the country heading towards a revolt?

  • Yes, the country is heading towards a revolt.

    Yes, the country is heading towards a revolt because its leader is one of the worst politicians across the world. He insults everyone who does not agree with him and he will ruin the chances of his country making a big comeback. He must be removed from power sooner rather than later.

  • The country will calm down.

    The Philippines decision to separate from the United States is unlikely to produce any widespread public disorder. This is way that the country has been trending for a number of years now, both among politicians and members of the general public. After this initial period of discord it is likely that things will settle down again quickly.

  • Too Soon to Tell

    Although the police are brutal for doing such a thing, I don't think the country is on the brink of a revolt any time soon. I could be wrong. It doesn't seem like the Phillippines want a revolution unless their president starts committing atrocities and the government becomes more corrupt.

  • No, this act does not automatically signal revolt.

    No, revolt is not necessary the conclusion in this case. Yes, there clearly is unrest in the Philippines when a police vehicle rams into protesters. That is wrong. It will make people justifiably angry. But they can channel their anger into nonviolent means such that change comes about without the need for revolt.

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