A proposed Russian law takes children from gay parents. Is this fair?

Asked by: chrumbelievable
  • Yes, it is. It's wrong.

    Bawwww. You all say yes, it's right, buts it wrong. And no, children with a homosexual upbringing will not have a better lifestyle, because their "parents" will teach them about a practice that spreads aids and diseases and HIV. Do you want this? Should children be taught that HIV is something they can play with? No. It shouldn't. In fact, it has been proven that many homosexual "parents" sexually abuse their children because they can't do it to them selves. Look it up, it's obvious.

    Homosexuality isn't a joke, and it is in no way a good thing. It's like teaching your children murder is okay, it's not right. It's a disgrace that so many people are accepting of this vile practice, I'm glad Russia is doing this. It should be done, and I feel sorry for the poor kids who are being raised by these horrible role models.

  • Yes very fair

    I would not have my child orphan or not be open to such behavior. It is wrong to teach your child it is ok to be gay. God did not make man and man he made man and woman. The very meaning of life is to live and reproduce and die.

  • Another Human Rights Failure

    It is a human right for you to be able choose your sexual identity. I am an avid supporter of human rights. We all know Russia fails quite a bit with human rights, but not letting someone adopt a child because of their sexuality? Downright disgusting. How, can anyone, come up with such a disgraceful law? How do you think this will affect children? Children need structure in life, not being thrown around in Russia's (I'm sure it's excellent(!)) care system. A disgrace.

    Posted by: THRA
  • Why is it so hard to accept homosexual?

    It is pretty obvious that Russia does a lot wrong as of human rights, and this goes fairly well with the list. Why are homosexuals not allowed to adopt a child? Unless studies show children growing up with gay parents will end up with mental problems, I don't see any proper reason for this.

    It is however, up to a certain point, in some way logical. After all, in a family there is a certain division of roles: the mother is emotional caretaker, the father more of a teacher and protector. This could perhaps be an important part in growing up. But unless scientific research will support this, I will absolutely disagree. Let those people have a family too.

  • Absolutely Unjustified and Destructive.

    While I myself am a supporter of homosexual rights; including marriage, we must look beyond the topic of homosexuality. Regardless of the parents' sexual background, this law would tear children from their parents and create more orphans with unstable upbringings. It is my belief that a child being raised with a homosexual parent is far less destructive to both our society and the individual involved than a broken childhood. So no, this law is not fair to of course the parents, or the child.

  • Not even remotely.

    If it wasn't for the recent "crackdown" on homosexuals in Russia I would honestly have trouble believing this. This is so obviously unfair that it's almost a tangible presence. Despite the fact that study after study has shown that children raised by gay parents are just as likely to succeed in life, some people still can't seem to handle the fact that there are people different from them.

  • Of course not.

    What is going on in Russia right now? Seriously. So instead of letting those children stay in supportive, loving homes with their parents, you're going to take them away and ship them off to some crappy Russian orphanage where rich white Americans will pick and choose the most attractive and well-behaved ones to adopt? I don't think so. This is sick. Unless the kids are in clear and present danger, leave them with their families. Jesus.

  • Gay Parents Shouldn't Forcefully Lose Children

    Russia's proposed legislation would result in the removal of children from households with gay parents. This policy wouldn't be fair by any means and is completely unethical. Gays make great parents just like heterosexuals, and they don't deserve to lose their children. Therefore, this legislation shouldn't even be in consideration.

  • The proposed Russian law is unfair

    Being gay is not a choice. I believe that people are born with a certain sexual orientation. Being a gay parent is not a valid reason to remove a child from a family. Child abuse, neglect, poverty etc are good reasons for removal, but they can exist in both gay and straight housing situations. Gay parents can be just as loving and supportive as heterosexual ones.

  • No, it's horrible.

    A law to take children away from their own parents because their parents are gay is very disturbing. These children are likely to be in loving homes with people who love, support and nurture them. The parents have committed no crime and no wrong. The children have done nothing wrong to deserve being split up from their parents either.

  • No It's Not

    Russian law that dictates that children be taken from gay parents, denies people basic human rights. It also, unnecessarily, breaks families apart, when there is probably no just reason for it. I believe we would be far better off to guarantee everyone rights, regardless of their identification. It is not a fair policy.

  • The proposed Russian law to take children from gay parents is not fair.

    The proposed Russian law to take children from gay parents is not fair. Gay parents have proven that they are able to raise a child just as well as a straight couple. It makes absolutely no sense to remove the children after the fact. This should have been done from the start if they are going to do something about it. But I think gay parents are suitable to raising a child as anybody else.

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