A radio show TNT - Bathrooms and Confessions is on Israeli radio. Do the topics go too far?

  • I don't really know.

    I haven't really heard about the show so I can't really attest to the content of the show. Yet again that goes into the whole context of the country and what they are trying to do with their show. It all comes down to what they are trying to do and if it isn't hurting anybody.

  • Yes, the topics go too far.

    The topics of bathrooms and confessions are not appropriate for radio. There may be very young people or elderly people listening to these broadcasts. These topics are better left for a different type of media, perhaps adult publications. Even for the general population, people generally turn on the radio to hear news or music.

  • No, topics are in the manner of comedy.

    No, the topics do not go too far. The radio show is meant to serve as a comedy show for listeners. Political correctness should not be to the point of canceling out people's entertainment because the topics in the show, which people are entertained by, are considerably too far for some people. It is an individual's choice whether or not to listen to the talk show.

  • No, the topics only go too far if they violate Israeli law.

    The law in Israel provides for freedom of speech. That means that radio shows, even if their content is somewhat controversial, are well within their rights to discuss what they choose on their program. Unless the radio show includes hate speech or breaks laws in Israel, the radio hosts should be free to say what they want.

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