• Sunlight gets reflected inside raindrops.

    Raindrops act like concave mirrors, reflecting an inverted image of the sun, but due to refraction we percieve light of different wavelengths from different raindrops, depending on their angle of view. Our eyes don't recognize the sun because the image is both inverted and distorted. But its obvious that what we see are millions of tiny reflections.

  • Reflection and refraction are different.

    As the light from the sun enters the raindrop -and therefore goes from a lower level of density to a higher one- it bends toward the perpendicular of the raindrop (the perpendicular is called the normal line). Because the colours within the light have different wave lengths, the colours get split apart at slightly different angles. When the light leaves the raindrop, it is now going from a higher level of density to a lower one and bends away from the normal line. The colours stay separated because of the way they are bent.

    Nowhere has any reflecting happened. The reason we see colours is because of the bending of light which is called RERACTION. In order for something to be REFLECTED, it will bounce off a surface. If something is REFLECTED, it CANNOT go THROUGH a surface.

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