A report finds that China kills millions of innocent meditators for their organs. Should the U.S. continue to do business with China?

  • Yes, China supplies lots of our consumer goods.

    Even though China does not have good morals, and do not act ethically, we need consumer goods from China. Without the cheap production of goods from China, Americans would be paying "through the roof" for everyday products. I believe that we need to keep our trade deals with China so that we can keep our economy from being sour.

  • Yes, the United States should continue to do business with China.

    Free trade between nations is important for the World. Free trade promotes peace and increased prosperity for nations. There is no question that the Chinese government is still guilty of human rights violations: Killing innocent mediators to harvest their organs. The international community should certainly shine a light on this, and put pressure on the Chinese to stop. However, the United States should continue to do business with China to promote peace and better cooperation between the nations.

  • Yes, The US should continue to do business with China.

    The US should continue to do business with China because, their policies are not really our business. We do our business with China because we are mutually benefited, not because we agree. We cannot discriminate against a country because they indulge in practices that we would not. If that were the case we would have to end business with everyone.

  • The United States should do business with countries that have higher moral standards.

    Supporting a country that murders millions of innocent people is an abomination. The US has been doing this for many years, especially lately. Barack Obama has been selling fire power to countries and other groups that want the United States to fall. Supporting this type of behavior only makes the world a more dangerous place.

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