A report states Donald Trump conducted illegal business in communist Cuba. Will Trump end up in criminal court?

  • Yes, he if they have evidence.

    If the report about Donald Trump conducting illegal business in communist Cuba is right, then he might as well end up in the criminal court. If truly there is evidence of this accusation, then he is in for it. I also believe that this could affect his presidential aspirations in a big way.

  • Donalt Trump needs to be fully investigated for his business activities.

    Donald Trump has gone on record on more than one occasion saying that he has given money to others, with the intention of receiving favors from them in the future. He also goes on about creating jobs for Americans, even though most of his products are made abroad. Therefore, this is proof that he truly has no business ethics. It would be of no surprise if he has acted illegally in dealing with Cuba.

  • No, he will not end up in court.

    Donald Trump will not likely end up in criminal court for wrongdoing. The rich and powerful - like Trump and Clinton - are rarely held accountable for their crimes. However, Trump is likely to face civil lawsuits for past business dealings. Currently, Trump is being sued by many students that attended his fake university.

  • The people at the top never face charges.

    Law and order only applies to the little guys. Rich and powerful people are never held accountable for their crimes. Trump is one example of this, however HIllary is another example. They have lawyers and spin doctors that find ways to make sure they are never held accountable for skirting the law.

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