A right to die: Do individuals have a right to commit suicide?

  • Yes, people should have the right to do whatever they wish as long as they do not hurt others.

    Committing suicide is a tragic choice, but it is an individual choice nonetheless and people should be able to make it if that is what they wish to do. This is especially important when an individual is in great pain and wants to end his suffering. No one should have the right to deny someone the end of his pain.

  • Free will and the body politic

    Government has, in recent decades, reached further and further into our lives. From broad surveillance programs to regulations regarding what we may put in or do with our bodies it seems the powers that be are particularly interested in how we as citizens choose to live their lives. Truly, however, if one does not have freedom over their very selves, the physical body that makes up the lens through which they experience our world, then one does not have any true freedom at all. It is impossible for anyone to know what circumstances provoked another to take their own lives, but surely to claim they have no right or worse to criminalize their doing so only serves to worsen the problem. If suicide prevention is the aim counseling is the cure, not harsh criticism.

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