A right to die: Is denial to grant right to die a power game?

  • Some rights can't be legislated

    The right to die argument has raged on for years in a power game of personal ownership. Without this game no legislative body has clout. Our Constitution says we have certain inalienable rights and own our bodies. However, legislators need to prove they are in charge and can make any ridiculous law they want. This kind of abusive lawmaking takes precious time away from solving real problems.

  • Death With Dignity Just As Important as Life

    How we deal with death is as at least as important as how we deal with life. As living beings, humans have certain rights given to them by God. Dying with dignity is one of those options. A sane person should be able to sign a document with witnesses stating specifically what end-of-life options he or she wants just like a last will and testament.

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