A round trip to America to buy Adobe's CS6 Master Collection is cheaper than buying it in Australia. Are Australians being ripped off?

  • Why should anyone pay such a ridiculous price?

    Gouging customers may be a time honored tradition for greedy entrepreneurs, but someone in Australia's government should take a careful look as to why such an imbalance has occurred. The contemporary world and global economics should be balancing out the inequities between goods. They should not be worsening. Sure, there should be certain differentiations between prices but not so extreme. Has Martin Shkreli been there?

  • Outrageously expensive software

    Although it takes a lot of money to build and maintain top-notch software, Adobe has really outdone itself with CS6. The cost of the software for American is already outrageous, but for Australians, it's downright laughable. I don't think it's fair for a company to proprietarily gauge customers in this way.

  • If this is true, then hell yeah, Australians are being ripped off

    Let me just say that I live in Balkans and have never travelled to Australia, not do I have any close friends over there so I do not know if it really is cheaper to travel to USA and buy CS6 Master collection, but if it is... that is the most insulting and thieving scam that i've ever heard off, and our retailers and merchants in the in the Balkans are worldwide known for their greed and piling up the prices. I'm not exagerating when I say that I'm shocked by this info. If I were Australian, and aware of the said price difference, I would have NEVER EVER stepped into Adobe's shop and would have deleted and uninstalled every single piece of software made by them.

  • No, Australians aren't being ripped off.

    There is a lot to take in to account here. Many things could play into why Adobe's CS6 Master Collection is cheaper than buying it in Australia. These could include anything from costs of distribution, costs to distribute to a specific country, and costs to be able to sell it outside of the manufacturer's country.

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