A secret Nazi military base was discovered by Russian scientists in the Arctic. Is it plausible Germany could have won WWII?

  • Yes, absolutely plausible.

    WWII generals all agree; if Hitler had implemented heavy production of the STG-44 just 2 years earlier (rather than early 1945) the allied armies would have been in serious trouble.
    If Germany had not started a proxy war (concerning the Georgians and Armenians), he never would have suspected and ultimately invaded Russia at the wrong time.
    This can be applied on multiple levels; Germany only lost for one simple reason -Hitler's reasoning skills were deeply impacted by drug cocktails & unorthodox medications (Vitamultin-Forte, Koster's Antigaspills, atropine, Brom-Nervacit, caffeine, chamomile, cocaine, adrenaline, enzymes, Eukodal, oxycodone, Eupaverinum, Glyconorm, Methamphetamine, morphine, Mutaflor, E. Coli, oxedrine tartrate, potassium bromide, prophenazone, proteins and lipids, sodium, barbitone, strychnine, sulfonamide, testosterone, vitamins)

    Basically the only plausible reason that Germany lost WWII was because of Hitler's ridiculous drug addiction. Haha

    Every other aspect; involving strategy pertaining to the possibility of victory of war - was absolutely in favor of Germany. They had superiority in training, technology, equipment, & supplies. The one negative was a lack of manpower, and this only became a large deficit when the Americans and Russians became involved (largely due to poor decisions by Hitler).

    Thank God Evil Is Stupid.

  • Yes, it is.

    There are lots of things that could have gone diffently during WWI. The US might never have entered the war until it was too late. The rest of the world could have decided that the Germans were right. The Russians might not have had issues with the cold. Anything could have happened.

  • Germany could not have won WWII.

    Germany lost WWII for many reasons, but most of them involve the overstepping of Hitler. He rushed into Russia right before winter, ignored military specialists in tactics, and bought into his own propaganda of German military superiority. Hitler as a leader was too ambitious and unwilling to listen to authorities on matters he was unfamiliar with. Hitler would have had to step back and let others control parts of the German nation, which was against his personality and leadership style.

  • No, I don`t think so.

    Germans were in the 30's/40's the highest technologically's nation over the world. They never operate rated an aircraft carrier because they focused to the submarine tech and too big battleships like the Bismarck, in order to control the channel and Europe's sea's. In the WWII, aircraft carrier's were a response to the submarine's action! The V1 and V2 were the highest technological's weapon's ever made in the WW2, there wasn't weapons available to response against. And the atomic race was lost because they needed the heavy water from Norway, which was sabotaged by the British in 1943. So, Germans in the WW2 were very technologically advanced, but they were highly overcome by the allied numbers! That was the reason because Germany lost the WW2. No one can win an opponent with the dimension of Russia or US, at the same time!

  • The Nazis had too many enemies.

    The Nazis overplayed their hand in the Second World War by attempting to fight on too many fronts at the same time. It would have been impossible for the Germans to be able to fight the United States, Great Britain, Russia and all of the resistance forces for any period of time. This meant their defeat was inevitable.

  • The Nazis were doomed the moment the USSR entered the fray.

    The Nazis biggest mistake was attacking the USSR who at the time was led by Joseph Stalin. While many claim Hitler could have defeated the USSR and thus he could devote more time to the Western Front and won that way well it's not that simple even if Hitler took Russia a large portion of his army would be devoted to keeping Russia secure. Let alone it is very likely Russians would rebel against Nazi rule given how much they favored the Communist State.

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