A sheriff claims he was bullied by the NFL in his investigation of kicker Josh Brown. Did the NFL use undue influence?

  • Yes, the NFL used undue influence.

    Yes, it is my belief that the NFL is known for bribery and harsh influences for things to go their way, and this case is no exception. I think that the NFL used undue influence towards the sheriff in the case of Josh Brown because the NFL is always trying to make themselves look good, and a possible abuser on their roster does not look good.

  • They didn't have any right to the information.

    While it is reasonable that the NFL would want to thoroughly investigate the terrible allegations that have been made about Josh Brown, they should not assume that they can press law enforcement agencies for information. It appears in this case that they simply believed that their requests would be adhered to without due process which would not have been in-keeping with the spirit of the law.

  • Yes, the NFL used undue influence.

    Yes, the NFL used undue influence because they always want to cover up potential scandals. They only think about making as much money as possible; therefore, they don't want people to hear about their employees abusing their wives. This is another black eye on the NFL's image, and people should consider boycotting.

  • Yes, I believe the NFL used their influence to access information they otherwise would not have been privy to.

    Yes, I believe the NFL used their influence inappropriately in an attempt to access information. The request from the NFL for this information failed to identify them as the NFL, which in my opinion could be an attempt to hide the NFL's involvement. The information that is being requested should remain private and only be used by law enforcement professionals.

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