A shooting was reported in a German theater. Do you think it was an act of terror?

  • Yes, terror is the cause of most shootings.

    Yes, I think it was an act of terror. In most cases, shootings don't occur for any other reasons. If someone is willing to go and shoot a German theater, it is almost certainly an act of terror. Of all shootings to occur in recent history, when hasn't it been?

  • Terrorist incidents are becoming more common

    A movie theater in Germany was recently the site for a deadly shooting. I believe that this was an act of terror because events like this do cause terror: they create fear in the hearts of those that survived. Not only that, with ISIS becoming more prevalent, it is very likely that that terrorist organization was involved.

  • Yes, the shooting was an act of terror.

    The German theater shooting could be considered an act of terror. Terrorism does not have to come from a specific terrorist group, but can be taken out by a lone wolf attacker. The purpose of a mass shooting, or an attack at a public place like the German theater is to create mass hysteria, terrorizing people.

  • No, the shooting in Germany was not an act of terror.

    Shootings in Germany are rare, but acts of terror are done by a group of people who are looking to incite fear and panic. In most cases, terrorists or their group will step forward and claim the act within a matter of hours. No one has come forward, so it is likely that this is simply an isolated, yet tragic incident.

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