A train crash in Hoboken, N.J. has killed one person and injured dozens. Do we need to invest more in infrastructure?

  • Our Infrastructure is Failing

    American infrastructure is falling apart at the seems. Seriously, we are living in a very developed country, but our infrastructure is going to Hell all around us. This train wreck is not the first thing that has come from our failing infrastructure, and it will definitely not be the last unless something is done.

  • Yes, we deffinitely do

    Yes, the trains are too old and not fixed in due time. Only when something terrible happens, like this accident, then we come to think about their repairing and scheduled checkups. Trains should be checked every day, or at least every week, since many people use them as the main means of transportation.

  • Yes, I think so.

    They WASTE Trillions of Dollars on Wars after Wars after Wars after Wars, While China that has become the 2nd largest economy in the World, that borders Afghanistan, repeat borders Afghanistan, has spent ZERO Dollars and ZERO Chinese lives waging War on Afghanistan or any of these Wars that US is engaged in under Obama-Bush War Mongers, proving how the real threat from these Fear Mongering based Wars is actually ZERO.They DO NOT invest in American People & Cities. Such as Trillions of Dollars that Europeans, Chinese, Japanese, etc. are spending on High Speed Trains to Free their People from Oil, on Modern infrastructure such as the Tallest bridge built in France, longest Tunnel built in Switzerland, etc. etc.

  • Yes, transportation infrastrucutre is in dire need of updates.

    Yes, we need to invest more in infrastructure. The infrastructure of our roads, bridges, and railways has suffered as funds have been diverted to other initiatives. Our crumbling infrastructure is a contributing factor to tragic and fatal accidents like the one involving the train crash in Hoboken, NJ. Renewed investments in infrastructure will bring advancements in technology that can help prevent accidents from occurring in the first place.

  • No we do not

    A train crash in Hoboken, N.J. has killed one person and injured dozens. We do not need to invest more in infrastructure. Accidents happen, this was just very unfortunate. It's very unlikely that we can prevent these things from happening again, we can just learn and develop our skills to help when they do

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