A tropical wave that's spinning in the Caribbean is forecast to strengthen. Will this be a bad hurricane season?

  • Yes, this hurricane season is going to be very active.

    NOAA is predicting a very strong hurricane season with multiple major hurricanes developing along with numerous smaller storms. A very active monsoon season in Africa combined with the effects of El Nino this year will place this hurricane season into the record books as having been one of the strongest of the decade.

  • It's better to be prepared.

    I would rather think that it's going to be a bad hurricane season and be prepared for the worst rather than being caught with my windows open. Mother nature is unpredictable and she doesn't really have mercy for us mortals. All we can do is stock up on supplies and barricade ourselves in, or get to a shelter in time.

  • It's always a bad hurricane season

    It's always a bad hurricane season, and I don't see this year being any different. Hurricanes tend to strengthen during predictable times of the year. Unfortunately they flatten some areas every season. The worst is when people are badly affected. It is good to know they are emergency crews to help any injured people.

  • Unless you live near the coast.

    If you live near the coast, every hurricane season is a bad one. For the rest of us, news coverage bring us entertainment.
    In reality, today we have news of an approaching tropical storm/hurricane long before it reaches land. This gives people plenty of time to secure their home and head for safety. Unfortunately, some people choose to ignore the warnings. Afterwards, they are the ones who complain about not having adequate facilities for survivors. Thing is, no matter where you live, there are hazards. The north has heavy snowfall, the Midwest has tornadoes, the east coast has earthquakes, and New York has New Yorkers. :P

  • Hurricane season appears to be average

    The hurricane season appears likely to be average, although worse than last year. This is backed up by forecasters from meteorologists. The 2016 Atlantic hurricane season forecast released from Colorado State University calls for the number of named storms and hurricanes to be near historical averages. A total of 12 named storms, five hurricanes and two major hurricane are expected this season, very close to the 30 year average.

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