A Trump campaign server may have been communicating with Russia: Should the FBI launch an investigation into the matter?

  • Yes, absolutely they should.

    Yes, Trump has proven over and over that he conducts shady business practices and engages in questionable alliances with foreign entities. So much hoopla exists over Clinton's emails. Why is the FBI not exerting the same kind of effort into investigating Trump's communications with Russia? There could very well be grounds for treason right there.

  • The FBI needs to investigate those communications.

    Let me say that I think Trump is going to win. But if his campaign is talking to the Russians, then he owes the American people an explanation. How have people forgotten the Cold War so quickly? What about the Cuban Missile Crisis? This is Russia we are talking about here, not the Bahamas. The American people should be very concerned about this matter.

  • Yes, the FBI should launch an investigation into the matter.

    Yes, the FBI should launch an investigation into the matter because they have done the same to Clinton. Why are emails more important than illegally communicating with Russia? It is not right that the FBI has interfered with the elections by investigating Clinton at this point. They should treat both candidates equally.

  • Yes, this is treason.

    This is a very sensitive subject for national security. A presidential candidate with a server communicating with another country is one of the highest forms of treason. Look at Edward Snowden, for example. The FBI did not take his sharing of information very lightly, and he is still not allowed to come back to the US. An investigation needs to be launched immediately, if not already.

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