A Tulsa police officer was charged in man's death. Was this due to public pressure?

  • Yes, it was due to public pressure.

    Tulsa Police charged the officer responsible for the death of unarmed man due to public pressure and also in a bid to save the image of the police has been tarnished by rogue officers. I know if the circumstances were, different the case would have been swept under the carpet, but thanks to media and demos.

  • Yes, the poblic opinion on this matter is of crucial importance

    Yes, this is not the first case in which a white policeman kills a black man. It has become of a crucial importance that the people should publicly condemn such irresponsible behavior of some policemen around USA. It seems like black guys have become clay pigeons for white policemen. This is very sensitive matter and it seems that every year we have at least one such case scenario.

  • No, this was not due to public pressure.

    The Tulsa police officer charged with manslaughter was due to evidence presented to the D.A. The officer's actions were caught on multiple videos from dash cams and a police helicopter. Yes, the public wanted swift justice, but the authorities were the ones to make the call. The officer's actions were not justified, therefore she will face manslaughter charges.

  • No, the charge was not due to public pressure.

    I feel it would be wrong to state that the white female police officer who shot an unarmed black man in Tulsa, Oklahoma was charged with his death due to public pressure. She was quite simply charged with his death because she shot him needlessly. I would hope no pressure would have been needed from the public to effect the charge.

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