A video was released in Terence Crutcher's killing by Tulsa police. Should the police be criminally charged?

  • Yes, he Terence was unarmed.

    The police responsible for Terence Crutcher death should be charged with murder. The helicopter footage shows that the man was unarmed and did not resist at all contrary to what the Tulsa police boss said. The man is seen clearly walking back to his car with his hands on his hand, and even one of the officer (lady) can be heard saying the man is unarmed.

  • Yes, this was murder.

    The police officer who shot Terrence Crutcher should be charged with second-degree murder. Crutcher was unarmed and not showing any signs of aggression at all, at least in the moments leading up to his shooting. That's murder. There was no reason for him to be shot, and certainly no reason for an officer to shoot to kill. Being a police officer is a difficult job, but it is a huge responsibility. You are responsible for serving and protecting your fellow citizens, which is the opposite of what these officers did.

  • Yes, the police should be criminally charged

    Yes, the police should be criminally charged. What they did to that man is cold blooded murder. It doesn't matter whether they thought he had a weapon or not. He didn't. There was absolutely no reason to use deadly force and shoot him. There is no excuse and they should be charged for murder.

  • No they should not

    First of all what was the suspect doing outside of his car and secondly if it was a traffic stop why was the suspects car in the middle of the road. There are alot of things that are unanswered questions here and the blm movement needs to stop jumping to conclusion so it will fit there political agenda.

  • We need more information.

    I cannot say at this point whether or not the police should be criminally charged. Although everyone thinks that they have all of the answers in this situation and others, we need to settle down and let the facts come out. A video does not prove anything about the situation since it only shows one side.

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