A vigilance ordinance to over ride the criminal justice system with a city council vote of public hanging

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  • Public perception can be swayed.

    And as such, a public vote on an individual's life (or in this case, death), can be swayed, influenced by persons of power and or influence. As proven many times by the judicial system, a individual can often be acquitted of their crimes years after. Should we perform lynchings based on public opinion which requires little to no evidence? People are easily influenced, and we shouldn't hang a person's life in the balance so easily.

  • Should a vigilante majority vote overide due process?

    Should affluent counties be allowed to over ride the criminal justice system with a city council vote of execution?


    If a person cannot work and are a costly tax payer nuisance to the county, should they be hung by vigilante order of affluence? I think such laws would greatly benefit the affluent who happen to contribute campaign donations to city officials. There are too many unclean, poor people, who destroy commercial property values as well as increase the counties crime rate. Therefore, I think the wealthiest members should have a panel that decides a public hanging. A public hanging would benefit affluent counties because it would discourage other undesirables away from the county. Anybody can be a pedophile especially the unclean undesirables. Therefore, a panel that allows the affluent to over ride the criminal justice would protect the county's children as well as the the property values.
    Do you agree or disagree? Excuse unedited grammar and sentence structure

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