A wave of attacks brought down a number of Internet sites. Can hacking be stopped?

  • Yes, I hope so.

    The hackers are attacking networks, intercepting traffic, gaining access to data that they can post or use for criminal activity. Much of that software is not Microsoft, and if used properly is not going to be hacked. Sloppy networks and security leaves an opening somewhere. The evidence linking a hacker to a crime is hard to dispute because every activity on the Internet leaves a trail.

  • Yes, hacking can be stopped.

    Yes, hacking can be stopped, but it will take a lot of help from the US government to do so. Now that Russia has hacked many of our politicians' emails and computers, the government will get involved to end hacking once and for all. It is in their best interests.

  • It isn't easy.

    Hackers have proved themselves incredibly resilient against all forms of firewalls and protected computer systems over the past few years. Even the most secure databases in the world, such as those held by the Pentagon have been shown to not be immune to the grasp of hackers. Therefore it is very unlikely that hacking will become obsolete at any point in the near future.

  • No, not comepletely.

    Hackers are smart and they will continue to find ways to hack into things as security gets tighter and tighter. While it is possible to reduce the amount of hacking that occurs, it is highly unlikely that we will every really eliminate it, especailly as computers become more and more a part of our lives.

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