A wife’s job is to take care of her husband by cooking cleaning and cuddling

  • Fact check true

    A woman’s job as a wife is to be care taker of and best friend/lover to her husband she should cook dinner for him when he gets home from work and make sure that he house is clean as best friend/lover she should be honest with him as well as do fun things with him like playing video games and she should cuddle and snuggle with him when ever he wants

  • Yes absolutely true

    As it is the role of men to serve women as protectors and providers women must serve their husband by cooking him a warm meal when he comes home keeping the home clean and cuddling with him to reduce his stress level this also keeps the woman stress free because cuddling reduces stress

  • Women should know their place-in marriage.

    Even though we live in an equal society and women are free to learn to drive and have careers, Women should still accept the natural order of things in a marriage. Women are supposed to be good wives and fulfill their wifely duties. Good wives cook for their husband and family. Women should do the majority of house chores and sexually please their husbands when asked.

    A good man reciprocates and still allows her to work outside the home but his authority is still absolute in a domestic sense. Women are allowed to have a say and insert their opinions but also should know their place in marriage.

  • As A Woman, I Agree

    I don't see it as discrimination and I've always felt inclined to want to be a housewife, Which I will be within a year! The rough-and-tumble life society wants for most people isn't for me, And I would appreciate not having to deal with the stress of having to go work with strangers when I can just clean, Something that comes naturally to me.

    I think women should have more of an opportunity, At the very least, To be a housewife. I think it is something that every woman should be educated on whether than being pressured into the workforce from a young age. Not everyone is meant for it. House husbandry is fine as well. It all depends on the couple, But I'm just saying the instinct to cook and clean comes naturally and women are indeed naturally more nurturing than men. It is our jobs to take care of them while they support us, For the most part, But it all depends on the couple.

  • Ok, I see what happened here

    You got the question the wrong way around. It should be : A husband's job is to take care of his wife by cooking, Cleaning and cuddling. In that case, I agree with you. Can you believe that there are some people who believe that males should have rights? ! XD

  • No, Each member of a relationship should choose their role therein.

    Gender roles are a pointless burden. A relationship should make everyone involved happy. If a woman doesn't want to be the one who does all the housework and other stereotypical "woman things, " she shouldn't need to do these things. Instead, She should seek a partner who also knows of and acknowledges the ludicrosity of gender roles.

  • Very big no

    Let's make it like that,
    If a wife's job is to take care of her husband by cooking and cleaning and cuddling.
    So his job is also to take care of her by cooking cleaning etc. . .
    Now the man says, Oh HECK NO I'M NOT clEANinG. CLEANING ISN'T FOR MEN.
    Sooo basically her job is not as well.
    If you wanna make it by cooperating. Very well
    Otherwise. Everyone's got to do everything themselves!

  • No that is not a job

    Woman are not forced to do that to be a wife. It just comes from the relationship and she can do that if she wants but she is her own person and should not be made to do that by society. A wifes "job" is to be the lover of the husband and everything else is optional. End of story

  • No this is completely wrong, That wife's job is to take care of her husband only. Girls have their own life.

    Women's are as strong that they can do both caring of her husband and do a job for her satisfaction. You should respect women's of your country. They are not your housemaids, They are housewives.
    I am also a girl and I wanted to be independent.
    Regards from Mishthi Chauhan.

  • Not necessarily true in the modern western culture

    The social expectation of a woman in marriage differs from culture to culture and time to time. But in the modern western world, In my opinion it is up to the couple to decide their duties to their family. I just can't see their is a necessity to set a universal standard position for either men or women.

  • These days, Women are getting more recognition for incredible achievements that they otherwise wouldn't have happened if they were an ordinary housewife.

    Ruth Bader Ginsburg, For example. She was a female lawyer that got lots of discrimination for doing a "man's" job, She advocated for rights and eventually became a member of the supreme court; she changed history. Sure, Women should snuggle up and play video games with their husbands, Bond, And have fun, But I completely disagree with the fact that those are the only things she can do. I not saying that women are all-powerful, But I am stating that women can be more than just a caretaker for a household and that millions of women hold potential that could've been used if they focused more of their efforts outside of taking care of their house and spouse.

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