A woman beat her rapist with a crowbar, knocking him out, according to prosecutors. Is she an inspiration?

  • Justice In Some Way

    If she beat her rapist with a crowbar, she was able to inflict even just an iota of the pain and damage her rapist did to her. Although it's not the same, she could feel like she got some kind of justice in case the criminal justice system fails her as it has done so for many others.

  • Yes, in a strange sort of way.

    Yes, it is inspiring that this woman defended herself against a would be rapist. She is an inspiration because she was able to take matters into her own hands and attack her attacker in self defense. Not everyone has the means to physically fend off and defeat a rapist. But the fact that she did could inspire more women to attempt everything in their power to attack their attackers.

  • Yes, she is an inspiration.

    Yes, she is an inspiration because she fought back against a vile, vicious man. All women should fight back against their potential rapists, but this is easier said than done. We cannot judge a woman who does not fight back. At the same time, this woman succeeded in beating him and getting away.

  • Yes, a woman who fends off her rapist is an inspiration.

    Yes, it serves as inspiration when a victim is able to defeat his attacker. When faced with a dangerous situation, it is human nature to either fight or attempt escape. This woman was able to injure her attacker with a crowbar, allowing for sure identification in the police investigation that would follow.

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