A woman diagnosed HIV+ despite her husband and exes all testing HIV-: Should her husband really have been convicted in this case?

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  • No, her husband should not be convicted in this case.

    If the woman is diagnosed as HIV positive, she cannot blame her husband or exes if they all tested for HIV negative. As far as they knew, they were not HIV positive and did nothing wrong. If they purposely concealed the fact that they were infected with HIV, and then slept with the wife without adequate precaution, then they would be at fault.

  • No, her husband should not have been convicted in this case.

    No, her husband should not have been convicted in this case because he did nothing wrong. It is possible that she got the virus from someone else, or even from her parents. There is no reason to punish the husband in this case. He probably feels just as badly as she does.

  • It is not possible.

    It is not possible for her to have gotten HIV from her husband because her husband didn't have it. It is not the husband's fault if she picked it up somewhere else. It is not the husband's fault that she picked up HIV. What if she got it from a blood transfusion? She could not have gotten it from him so he is not liable to anyone.

  • He's not responsible

    If her husband and all her exes where tested negative how would any of them possibly be responsible for the fact that she is now HIV positive? That makes no sense. There had to have been something else going on in her life either sexually or medically that caused her to end up HIV positive. It doesn't just show up in your blood one day the way cancer, for example, would without you somehow contracting it

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