A woman gives birth in car, and the hospital charges the full delivery fee. Do hospitals care too much about profits?

  • Yes, hospitals care too much about profits.

    Outside of the United States, the American healthcare system is viewed with confusion and horror. People should always be above profits when it comes to healthcare. A case of a woman being charged exorbitant birthing fees after giving birth in a car is no different. It was a circumstance that she could not control, and charging thousands of dollars for her misfortune is cruel.

  • Yes, hospitals care about profits and productivity

    Yes, hospitals care a great deal about profits as well as stream-lining. In the case of a woman giving birth in a car and then being charged for the full delivery, the business department probably was concerned with sticking to protocols and possibly having to fit certain categories in order to charge insurance.

  • Yes, hosptials care too much about profits.

    Charging the full price for a partial treatment is unjust because only part of the work was performed. Hospitals are about treating the ill, but it has become a big issue of of costs. Everything in hospitals have a cost and if there is no insurance or pay expected then treatment is simply unavailable. Therefore, it seems that profit does come over treating illness.

  • Yes, hospitals care too much about profits.

    Yes, I do believe that hospitals care too much about profits. The trend has been for hospitals to be bought out by for profit companies. These companies continue to raise the prices of everything and create new charges that are absurd. Meanwhile as the prices rise, the care offered has not improved.

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