A woman’s place is in the home cooking cleaning cuddling

  • 110% absolutely true

    A woman’s place is in the home cooking and cleaning for her husband she should submit to his will and snuggle him please him sexually she should be having sex when ever he wants she should be playing video games with him when ever he wants and cuddling with him when ever he wants

  • Woman need food

    I will not cook food for lasy woman that is woman job as house wif e and i will not stand fot woman who is do are not is lazy and refuse cook job because the woman is cook of house ho l d need I say more I think not

  • While I don't agree 100% with the other comment in this section, I am somewhat over on this side in the argument.

    Women were made to support men, And in modern society that means that their job to work in the house, Bringing the family together. As the man is the head of the family, The woman is the one that keeps it together. This is only as a partner, However - women without parental support or a partner should work to earn their living. After marriage, The man and woman should live together and the woman should teach children and look after the house and do things in the community.

    The part where I disagree with the other comment is that women should only work for men. Sex is a two-party thing - the pleasure is for both the man and the woman, And the man should be expected to protect and love his woman, So he should not have sex with her unless she also wants to. In general, She should do things for her husband, For her children, Others, And for herself (in that order, But not with much dynamic in between that), Just as a man should do things for his wife, Children, Others, And himself (also in that order).

    I don't like how as soon as people have authority, They abuse it. To have authority over someone is an important job, And not everyone deserves it. Men should not abuse women, And women should not abuse their children.

  • That is true

    Yes a woman’s place is in the home she should stay home keep the home clean cook warm meals for her husband and cuddle up with her husband it’s true women are cuddle toys a woman’s purpose is to serve men and children as care takers with the 3 Cs of care Cooking Cleaning and Cuddling

  • Women are servants

    Women should be property and servants of men and children they are for cooking cleaning and childbearing hey should not be allowed to vote own land or shares in a company like i said they are property you do not let your cat own a house or stocks now do you

  • Women are property

    I basically believe women are physically and intellectually inferior to men but have the same rights and dignity's as men so men should have legal ownership over them to ensure they have food to eat clothing to wear a roof to sleep under and feel super loved making women feel unloved is bad all they want is to be loved and to love and men should make sure they do and women should submit to there owner

  • That is true

    I especially agree with the cuddling part. Men have feelings too but no one ever asks them how they are. A man just wants to feel the warmth and love of another person. A woman can offer her warmth and love by letting him cuddle her soft and lovely body.

  • Tf no, What

    What r y’all on. Logically it’s completely untrue. Woman’s bodies aren’t designed for a certain purpose. Further epically this s isn’t the 1800s? Equal rights are a thing and we shouldn’t be forced or coerced into something just because of their gender? If y’all think like this it prolly means u have never got any pussy what so ever

  • Couldn't agree less

    (Newcomer here) Women in 2021 have such a large role in society. As we have progressed through the years, They have been seen as less inferior and more equal, To men. Being equal to men means they should be able to have the same career opportunities as men, And they shouldn't be trapped at home just for lazy men with office jobs to take advantage of. Of course, If it works out this way, It's not always for the wrong reasons, But the stereotype should definitely stop, And it is stopping as time goes on.

  • Women can have any career they want.

    But I will agree that their first duty is to be good mothers/homemakers. Just like a man's first duty is to be a good father/provider. Men should help out with the chores too, But when the babies are born the mother should be staying home on maternity leave to look after the kids and try to make things cozy at home for her man who works hard. Mothers are more nurturing and it is only natural that they spend more time at home raising the kids.

    A good wife is submissive to her husband. A good husband allows his wife to pursue her career interests. But any woman who puts her career above her children is not a keeper.

  • Of course not.

    We aren't living in the 1900's, Where women are housewives and exist only to bear children and do household chores. By stating this, You imply that you want a patriarchal society where women are only there for the pleasure of men, When this could not be more incorrect. Women are here for themselves, And don't "need" to do things for men.

  • Of Course Not

    A woman’s place is where she wants it to be. If she wants to be a stay at home mom and let her husband work then, She can. But if she wants to be independent and have a job, That’s her right too. There is no right or wrong place for a woman (or man for that matter) only the place that there is, Is the one she chooses. A husband has no legal authority over his wife and has no right to decide her place for her.

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