A woman’s rights shouldn’t exist once they marry and their husband should have complete control over their wife

  • Women should obey their husband

    Once you are married, A husband should have control over you, You should do as he says, And don’t disrespect him. Men have lost control over their wives in these times. A woman’s place is at home doing as she is told, Not being disobedient and doing whatever they want, It’s what is ruining marriages as men have no control over their wives behaviour.

  • Women are not objects, They are people

    Women are not objects and if you say they are you are most likely delusional, Stupid, Or both.

    If a man has complete control over a woman's life they will live miserable, And terrible lives. And a good husband who does indeed love his wife would never, Ever hurt his wife or strip her of her rights.

    And looking at the other side of the argument we can see one go and say that "Because women do not follow their husbands that is what ruins marriages. " No if you believe this you are a moron, Stupid, Or both. The thing that ruins marriages is, Is that not only is the husband is not happy but the woman is not happy either.

    A woman's place is not at home, They to have lives, Jobs, Hobbies, Etc etc.

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