A woman was injured and the gunman died in a Denver shooting. Has gun violence reached epidemic proportions in the U.S.?

  • I don't see this changing without action

    I know that many carry on about the second amendment. But lets think about that amendment and when it was written. Our founding fathers were referring to muskets and basic pistols not the stuff we see today. I have no issue if someone wants to own a basic hand gun or hunting rifle yes these can still cause damage in the wrong hands, but not to the magnitude of the assault weapon. It still floors me that these can be obtained by anyone on the market, why is that? Let's think about this who really needs one of these types of assault weapons unless they are up to no good. These should not be something easily obtained, no one but military and specialized units such as SWAT teams should have access to them and those are the only ones.

  • It's happening everywhere, all the time

    Gun violence is everywhere these days. Every time you turn on the news, you hear about another shooting. It's happening all around us, and thus far, no one has found a way to fix the problem. Is it gun availability? Is it mental health? Something else? We haven't been able to put a finger on the exact cause, but gun violence is spiraling out of control.

  • Gun violence has gotten out of control in our country.

    The United States is the only country in the world where gun-related violence is so prevalent, and we claim we can't do anything about it. Sandy Hook, the recent Orlando shooting, Columbine... there are too many instances of mass shootings, let alone individual gun-related deaths. It's nearly every week that we hear about someone being shot, injured, or killed via gun-related violence, which is far too often. This country lacks any reasonable control over gun violence.

  • No need for drama

    No, gun violence has not reached epidemic proportions in the U.S. Yes, there is a great deal of gun violence in the U.S. Yes, it needs to be stopped. Yes it is tragic that many people have died. Yes, it is frustrating that nothing seems to get done around the gun control issue. However, there is no need to be dramatic about the situation in order to gain attention for the issue. "Epidemic proportions" is just a rhetorical phrase used to stir people up and is not helpful.

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