A woman wins $1 million while trying to show husband lottery tickets are a waste of money. Do you play the lottery?

  • Yes, I play the lottery on rare occasions

    I do play the lottery now and again. Typically I play less than four times a year. The odds of winning are low and I prefer to keep my money for other activities and things that bring me more enjoyment. My family does play the lottery, but they have also rarely been successful in winning anything more than a couple of dollars.

  • Yes, but only selectively

    Everyone dreams of winning the lottery and getting to quit your job and buy what you always wanted. The reality is that the chances of that happening are astronomical, but someone always wins. The lottery is a fun way to spend a few dollars if you have the extra cash, but should by no means be a financial plan.

  • No, I do not play the lottery.

    I do not play the lottery. It does seem like a wast of money. The odds are not in my favor, and I do not have much extra money. I also do not have a lot of confidence in my luck. They money I could win would be nice, but I am not likely to win.

  • No, I do not play the lottery.

    No, I do not play the lottery, at least not on a regular basis. First of all, I don't think about it when I'm at the store. Secondly, the chances of winning are so very low. But this story amuses me! How ironic that this woman won the lottery trying to show that it's a waste of money. Perhaps I should be playing the lottery more.

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