A woman won $1 million while attempting to show her husband that lottery tickets are a waste of money: Do you believe they are wasted money?

  • Small Win, Big Loss

    You are 1 / every lotto buyer in the country, and sometimes, not anyone wins? So collectively, all you losers spend a lot of money, in one go, so if you guys still play this after a year, imagine how much money do you pay! Even woth scratch cards, I personally choose the one with high chances of winning game mechanics. Lottery, is very hard to win in, and you actually tend to lose more than what you get. Though I forgot my numbers on the exact amount of what is won, spent and lost in a year.

  • Lottery tickets are a waste of time and money

    The odds of winning are astronomically against every person who spends money on lottery tickets. Of the millions of people who purchase tickets for each drawing, there will be one or just a small handful of people who actually win the big prize money. It is a total waste for most.

  • Yes, they are.

    The odds of winning the lottery are very low and are not in my favor. In many cases the money goes to a good cause, so it is not neccesarily a waste. I don't play the lottery because I am not likely to win, and I am more likely to lose a lot of money.

  • Yes, lottery tickets are a waste of money.

    The sale of lottery tickets just gives nothing but false hope to people of actually winning the jackpot. The odds of winning are ridiculously small, and only a few people win big amounts. Therefore, people who buy them would be better of finding other ways to save or invest their money.

  • Lottery tickets not always a waste

    No, lottery tickets are not necessarily a waste of money. It is a matter of circumstances and purpose. Most lottery proceeds are used for charity or academic scholarships--worthy causes that a person might want to support through their purchases. A person might also use lottery tickets as a form of entertainment, another valid purpose. However, if a ticket is purchased in order to make money, then it is likely a waste.

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