• Yes but unironically.

    Good games are as worthwhile as other good works, It helps with their reflexes and dexterity (which would help them out whether they're a stay-at-home mom or a working woman), Helps them connect with others, And helps them realize to not take being called bad things so seriously (a problem men also have, But for some reason women tend to care about what they're called by others more often). In addition, Games can help connect mothers with kids, And it'd be f***ing hilarious to see a middle-aged mother beat the squealing 6-year-old who allegedly banged her mother.

  • Well what else are they good for(satire)

    Well what else will they do they can't get a Job as they would just play on their phones all day and get fired they can't cook as they would daydream about gaming and burn the food they can't clean as they would be distracted by the Xbox controller they left on the sofa women are inferiors that are only good for getting quad kills in online video games call of duty etc. They only exist to play video games eat Doritos and drink mountain dew if you think a dumb woman could sexually please you or cook and clean as well as a man then you are a Brian washed feminazi a man can suck cock 10X better than any stupid woman despite what dumb feminazis will tell you women are and always will be Dorito disposals

  • Women are people too

    Women are people too like every other human being on this planet, So they are free to choose their own paths in life. Saying a woman "belongs" to a certain place is wrong, Since they are people that make their own decisions. To be honest though women can be gamers, But it would be hard for them to be a good player. On average, More men play video games than women do. Also on average men tend to have greater skill in gaming. There was a study conducted, And they found that out of 1000 people at a gaming tournament only 2 women were there. Women don't "belong" in a certain place because they can make their own decisions.

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