• Eventually, yes.. .

    Currency is a bit of a red herring. Currency can exist outside of the notion of "money", but accepting the question at face value, yes - currency will be naturally eliminated at some point in societal/human evolution.

    What it is to "work" or "earn" changes. Each of these concepts will change over time, where work for monetary compensation will be antiquated.

    Posted by: TBR
  • Why not help the community

    Working without paychecks would mean anyone could study without caring about fees who knows ? Maybe this homeless guy could be a doctor if he had the money to pay his education . Also saying how it is necessary to have a paycheck,you would'nt say that if it didnt exist

  • Hopefully but doubtfully

    I would like to live in a world without currency but I can't see how it would work. If there was a world without currency there would be people who abuse the system but that also happens in our world. If this world without currency was a reality I think people would be a lot happier.

  • People would not play a role in life

    We need people to carry out a profession because that is how the world keeps going. Without a paycheck; or reason to obtain a paycheck, there is no longer a motivation for you to play that role because you can obtain anything you desire. Less students to work for a degree, much much smaller unemployment rates, too much freedom..

  • Would complicate everything for no reason.

    We would have to resort to obtaining things by trading what we already own, currency was made precisely so that you could keep track of what you've earned without having to invest all of your savings into physical things that could be stolen or destroyed. You can have a bank account and save up for better things, invest in your business, and eventually retire. Going back to primitive trading is nonsensical on many levels.

  • It would never work...

    If there was no form of currency whatsoever (money, credit card, etc.) one of two things would happen. 1) People would be forced to work without receiving payment or 2) Nobody would have to work at all. Neither of the two are worse than the other as BOTH of them would require the government to give us food, free rent and free services (electricity, water, gas, etc.) That would pretty much put us all on welfare, which would take care of our basic needs but what about entertainment, vacations, pass-times, etc.? The government might pay our electric bill, food and water but do you really think they would pay for our television or our 1 month vacation to Cancun? Freedom would not exist as we know it.

    Don't get me wrong, as a Socialist I definitely understand the problems with currency and capitalism. There are many changes that need to be made but the elimination of currency all together is not the route we need to take. We wouldn't have money as citizens but the government would be profiting off of each and every one of us. Every dollar that business owners (small local businesses to corporations) makes now, would be going straight to the government with the elimination of currency. The elimination of currency is not the answer. Reducing economic inequality in America, taking the influence of money out of politics and supporting progressive taxation are 3 HUGE changes that could fix most of the currency problems we face in America today. Out of all developed countries, America is among the worst as far as income inequality goes. On to the subject of income inequality, America can be compared to third world countries where royal bloodlines still control money and politics.

  • Would require tyranny to maintain

    Currencies evolve naturally when governments don't make them. People will need a means of exchange and will settle on something. So to have a world without currency you would need the government to actively prohibit currency. Pol Pot tried this and it wasn't pretty.

    Police would be arresting and interrogating people who trade with each other to make sure they were trading for the thing itself and not trading for something just because it was highly in demand and so is easier to trade for a wide variety of things (that's what currency is). Then people would be afraid to trade with each other and the economy would go into a deep depression.

  • There would be a global chaos.

    Communist parties will eventually take over the world and citizens that believe it's wrong will protest, creating a massive chaos all over the world, people getting killed as a result.

    So even though it sounds simple, we need to think about everything that's possible.

    Most people will also receive everyday needs such as food, clothes and housing for free, most likely without deserving it as people will become so lazy that they won't do anything for the whole day, sit back and just enjoy their time.

    In conclusion, The economical system we have right now keeps the world going, well organised with lots of job opportunities for people to take part in to earn money to live. I think it wouldn't be fair without a currency system.

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TBR says2015-04-02T23:44:35.503
Why am I not suprise that the consertative can't use their imagination to see a world without money.