Aaron Hernandez heads to trial: Does our justice system deal with celebrities differently?

  • Yes Celebrities get deal with different.

    I feel that celebrities always get treated better then average people. There is always all the publicity around them and so the courts and officer's want to make sure they don't over step their boundaries. I feel celebrities are always given better treatment whether its food or more nie by the officers when they commit a crime.

  • Celebrities get an unfair deal with trials

    Celebrities absolutely get treated differently in the United States justice system. Celebrities are in the tabloids a lot so all of their life is under scrutiny. Crime is no different than relationships in this way. People are going to be quick with information and even quicker to judge the celebrity without all the facts.

  • Too many are not guilty.

    Yes, our justice system deals with celebrities differently, because too many of them are found not guilty even though the rest of us would have been found guilty for the same thing. The justice system is too lenient on these people. We treat them differently because of their star power and their high-priced defense attorneys.

  • Yes, they do.

    I believe that the justice system not only deals with celebrities differently, but also anyone that has a great deal of money. Sentences have proven to be lower with less jail time for celebrities then when that same crime is committed by a lower income minority. This is a travesty of justice and needs to end.

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