• Not really sure

    I'm really sure what to say, as I have never heard of ABC Family. I guess the idea is part of a re branding process, and Freeform appears to have been the most suitable name the powers-that-be could come up with. Maybe, the name itself suggests that particular direction the program aims to take from now on.

  • Everyone Knows it

    Everyone knows ABC spark and ABC family no matter what I am going to call "Freeform" ABC Spark any ways. Like everyone knows it for these shows:
    Melissa and Joey
    Baby Daddy
    The Fosters
    Pretty Little Liars (Five years forward)
    Switched @ Birth
    America's Funniest Home Videos
    Shadow Hunters
    Recovery Road
    Degrassi (The Next Generation)

  • Freeform is not ABC Family

    Switching to Freeform is suppose to be a new and hip name but to me it seems more like a sporting channel. I would not expect to see shows such as pretty little liars on Freeform if I didn't know that it was previously ABC Family. I think there needs to be a better connection between the two names.

  • ABC Family becoming Freeform is not a good change

    Everyone knows ABC Family, it has become a household name. Though some of the shows are no longer geared for the family as a whole, the name change seems unnecessary. ABC Family has been a staple and is a name that people remember. Freeform sounds more like a cable provider than a name for a television channel.

  • No, I do not like the name change from ABC Family to Freeform.

    I do not support ABC Family's decision to change their name to Freeform. Frankly, the new name does not make sense. The old name of ABC Family clearly laid out the channel's target demographic and provided shows to suit that audience. Freeform has no meaning in its name and it is confusing as to why the network would change a name that was perfectly functional.

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