• Yes it is

    Our current latest proposed hypotheses for abiogenesis are definitely incorrect (there is still just too much that we don't know/have yet to replicate). But this does not mean the science of abiogenesis is incorrect. Its been shown in the miller urey experiment that organic compounds can appear in an environment similar to early earth. And this alongside a bunch of other evidence allude to abiogenesis being the origin of life. We just have not discovered/replicated the steps of such an event.

  • Yes it is

    The only people who have a problem with abiogenesis are young earth creationists, Religious or scientifically illiterate people, They fail to understand that life is just chemistry.

    Remember these people latterly believe the universe revolves around them, That everything was created for them and so forth, Its dogma treated as virtue.

  • Life is chemistry

    Life isn't magical, Life is both bound to and follows the rules of physics, So it is not ridiculous to propose that complex chemistry arose from simple chemistry perhaps with the aid of wet and dry cycles proliferating simple self assembling and self replicating polymers on the early prebiotic earth.

  • Take a college level organic chemistry

    You need energy and the compounds to form complex molecular compounds. Even then you will not end up with what you want. Do you know how many different combinations can form from c6h12o6?

    And then the molecules can have chirality. That adds another level of complexity. Some groups use an exclusive side while some use both. Right or left?

    Go ahead insult the intelligence of others who disagree with. That is so scientific refusing to accept new data in favor of abiogenesis. Even though it was disproven by a religious scientist who invented sterilization which saved the lives of millions.

    I have yet to see life forming from the millions of dollars wasted in trying to create life from boiling and dried soup. I mean we could have used the money in space research or medicine or clean technology but we wasted it on that. Even archaeologist could have put the money to better use.

    I can make some sugar at home and leave that bottle alone for a million years saving tax payers millions. You go ahead and waste everyone's money and believe that you are making a difference catching the wind with your hands. I mean I work in bio engineering but I guess I I am inferior to some random lady in the internet.

  • The smartest humans cannot do it

    They create complex and unrealistic environments for organic molecules to "naturally" form into complex shapes. So far they made some RNA molecules and some simple molecules, But that is it.
    They then say that is takes millions of years to form so they call it a day and do not peruse the next steps.
    They completely omit that entropy is against them and that the molecules will revert back into a lower level energy state.
    Throwing some scrabble letters will spell some four letter words but lets see you make a paragraph by throwing scrabble letters. And then let that paragraph become a book that can self replicate into identical copies.
    Even some of the brightest scientist believe that life was somehow seeded because they know that its absurd some advance structure formed for a "warm" puddle.
    Only a few people believe in abiogenesis, But not ever intelligent scientists agrees with that.

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