Abkhazia independence: Should Abkhazia be granted independence from Georgia?

  • Freedom for Abkhazia

    I'm from Caucasus and god only knows how many tribes and different languages are there in Caucasus. Every native Caucasian nation was once tribal nomads, so it's hard to say which earth belongs to whom. But that region has always been called Abkhaziathrough the history. Let's just not forget the genocide Abkhazians and Circassians faced, if it wasn't for that Abkhazia would have already been an independent country. Also Abkhazia was once a free Soviet state, when Stalin came to power (who was a Georgian) he made Abkhazia Georgia again , for no reason. Abkhazians have their own culture and language and have also right to claim their independence.

    Posted by: Ubyx
  • Yes, it is ethnically incompatible.

    Yes, Abkhazia should be granted independence from Georgia, because there is currently too much conflict in the region. There are ethnic differences among the people of Abkhazia and the people of Georgia, and these differences have led to problems and conflict in the region. Allowing them to have self-determination would be a big step towards stability.

  • Clears Up Ethnic Cleansing Issue

    Like the Balkan War of the mid-1990s, the small country of Georgia faces its own ethnic cleansing. Abkhazia should be granted independece so the ethnic people of the region can live in peace. Although no agreement is perfect, independence is a step in the right direction. Lessons can be learned from Yugoslavia's breakup in order to move forward with necessary treaties.

  • Restore the Georgian refuges back to Abkhazia!

    Georgian people have been living in Abkhazia since the 11th century.

    After the "patriot" war the Georgian people were ethnically cleansed from Abkhazia. These people live in refugee in our own country!

    Return these refugees back to there homes, make a referendum and then when we have the results then we will sit down and discuss segregation.

  • Abkhazia has been part of Georgia and inhabited by Georgians for 4000 Years

    In order for one to truly understand the Abkhazia conflict, one needs a historical context. Georgia, as the united kingdoms of Colchis and Iberia, has existed since the Mesopotamian era. Modern Georgia, with its formal boundaries, which include Abkhazia and South Ossetia, has existed for about 2500 years. In this time, the individuals living within the region of Abkhazia were GEORGIANS, they identified as Georgians, and they were just as much "Abhkazians" as someone living in New York is a "New Yorker". The modern Abkhazians- those who claim to have rights to the region of Abkhazia, have no actual historical merit to their claim.
    They were simply Caucasus mountain tribes which were moved into the Abkhazian region of Georgia during the Soviet Union era. Once the USSR collapsed and Georgia receded from the Soviet Union, we became on poor terms with Russia.

    During this time period, Abkhazia consisted of an about 70% ethnic Georgian population, a 15% "Abkhazian" (Caucasus Mountain tribe) population, and a remaining 15% mixed population from other countries. Once Georgia broke off from the Soviet Union, Russia gave this 15% minority of Abkhazians weapons, with which they committed ATROCIOUS GENOCIDE on an entire generation of Georgians living within Abkhazia. Look up the "Sokhumi Massacre". Within just one year, the population of Abkhazia decreased by nearly 150,000. Yes, that means 150,000 Georgians were slaughtered or forced to leave their homes which they had been living in for 4,000 years.

    So saying that Abkhazia "should be granted independence" would be like saying that genocide is justified, and that the Nazis should have been able to ethnically cleanse Europe or that the Rwandan genocide was O.K. The simple fact of the matter is that Abkhazia is Georgian territory which was taken from us. Abkhazia as an independent entity has NEVER existed and will never exist, because to acknowledge an independent Abkhazian state is to endorse genocide.

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