Abolishing direct taxation: Should direct taxation be abolished?

  • Yes, direct taxes should be abolished

    Indirect taxes can be much more efficiently collected. More social. In the future fewer people will work. We need progressive consumption tax, instead. Wituput the torture of reporting life is much better and easier. No need for so many tax collectors and tax consultants any more. Better allocation of capital if we abolish direct taxation.

  • I don't think that direct taxation should be outright abolished.

    While it seems that a number of people don't like our current methods of taxation. I don't know if I would go as far as abolishing direct taxation. It seems like there could be a number of different ways you could change the tax code to try and help as many people as possible.

  • No, direct taxation is a revenue generator.

    No, direct taxation should not be abolished, because direct taxation increases revenues. Direct taxation allows people to understand what is being taxed and why. Knowing what is being taxed makes the government more accountable to the public. The public can respond if they don't like the taxes, beacuse they will realize they are being taxed.

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