Abolishing intellectual property rights: Are Intellectual Property Rights of no use to the authors of works?

  • Yes and Double Yes!!!

    Copyrights have gotten way too out of hand in the world we live in today. Why? Because all they do is turn good hearted people into greedy, overprotective monstrosities. I can't even order a custom T-shirt without copyrights breathing down my neck. Pretty sound you'll be arrested for even saying anything from copyrighted material. Take it down and keep it down. Long live culture!

  • Intellectual property rights should not be abolished

    Intellectual property rights should not be abolished for several important reasons.First of all the quality of the works would be greatly decreased.They would be water downed because quality writers would know that their creations would have no value in a market economy because everyone would be able to recreate it.

  • Intellectual property rights protect authors and need to be kept.

    I do not think there is anything dumber, as far as creators of art are concerned, than abolishing intellectual property rights for the authors. Many times these rights are the only things that protect writers and other artists from being stolen from and manipulated. I think abolishing them is stupid.

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