Abolishing intellectual property rights: Does Intellectual property harm (yes) or help (no) the general public?

  • Intellectual property rights harm the general public

    For the general public, the majority does not benefit from intellectual property rights. Very few people produce things which are protected by intellectual property rights, and those who do, are often unfairly rewarded. The often stated notion behind intellectual property rights is that without them, people would not create. Generally creative people however have always created for much less than they do today. For example, the idea of the starving artist rings true generally, yet artists are not deterred. The monetary incentives provided by intellectual property rights actually degrades the quality of production, for profit seeking.

  • No, intellectual property makes people willing to work.

    No, intellectual property helps the general public, because more people and companies will want to develop new products. If someone knows they can profit from what they make, they will be more likely to want to spend their time on developing new products. If anyone else can just make the same thing, there is no incentive for people to want to work.

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