Abolishing intellectual property rights: Should intellectual property rights be abolished?

  • Technology is built like a puzzle. One piece on top of another. Intellectual property is fake to begin with, with a few exceptions.

    In the world that we live in Intellectual Property helps other countries forward with no respect for human rights or proper standard of life.

    Intellectual Property buyup is being used to block new development of Tech equipment example:


    Intellectual property has been bought and sold, widely even before the actual idea has been brought into the world, bringing many artists into a whole career of slavery.

    Proof has been brought that we are all connected in a neurological network.
    I know for sure that my own mind works as a funky beacon for a lot of people around me, bringing them into hearing my rabble of intellectual garbage. So sad and weird, I know.

    There are cases where registry of and stating Intellectual Property Lease can be defended during a limited period of time, like where a group of people spend a lot of money and research effort to create something very complicated, entirely new, awesome and unexpected. This does however not mean that intellectual property should be something that can be bought and sold as any other property. Also: this new development might include elements that will have to be made available for others freely in order to ensure marketability. One example among many: TCP/IP, v6

    Finally: If we continue this idiotic behaviour we will all end up having to learn a very foreign new language and live according to some other cultures moral and intellectual standards.
    So sad...

  • But the government should actively monitor this and enact eminent domain in some cases

    Sometimes intellectual property is used to suppress new technologies that companies don't like. This holds back science and technology and hence human progress. The discoveries that aren't made could save lives and enrich everyone's life. The government should carefully monitor intellectual property and avert cases like this by using eminent domain to "take" a use right in some cases and put it in the public domain.

  • Intellectual property is still property.

    Despite the complexity and difficulty of identifying, securing, and protecting intellectual property the simple fact of the matter is that it is still property that someone vested their energy and resources to produce. In some cases the cost to generate intellectual property is greater than the cost to procure physical property and in many cases it has more value.

  • The Intellectual should keep the rights

    With intellectual property rights, they people that come up with designs, inventions, write books, ideas, professional papers should all remain property of the person that came up with it and the company that they have sold it to for the copyrights and/or the bragging rights. If we did not have these rights and laws, it would allow anyone to steal the idea, make it their own. Therefore, the main person does not get any credit for the intellectual property what so ever.

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